John Rafferty is dedicated to reforming state government, committed to opening the political process and restoring integrity to public service. He is honored to represent the people of the 44th District.

John has been a leader in the Senate. He voted against the legislative, judicial and Governor's pay raises. John did not accept the pay raise and fought successfully to ultimately repeal the raises.

The Pottstown Mercury recognized John for voting his conscience and called him "the voters' hero."

The Valley Item said: "Kudos to Sen. John Rafferty for putting his neediest constituents' well-being before his own. You are a credit to those who voted for you."

A former deputy attorney general, John drives his own car and uses his own cell phone - not a car and phone paid for by taxpayers.

John voted against Governor Rendell's state income tax increase and supports abolishing the school property tax for homeowners. He also voted against expanding gambling slots parlors.

John Rafferty is a dedicated reformer and trusted leader serving the people of Berks, Chester and Montgomery counties.

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